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Deutsch-Vergnügen Live at The Swedenborgain Church on 2002-08-24

Topics Live concert

01. ?1?
02. Jason the Bitter > PissPot (aka the nate rainey song)
03. ?2?
04. ?3?
05. Ska Sucks *

Collection Deutsch-Vergngen
Band/Artist Deutsch-Vergnügen
Venue The Swedenborgain Church
Location Portland, Maine USA

Source Sure sm58s(?) or simmilar in the balcony > Sony Mz-R700
Lineage Sony Mz-R700 > Goldwave > Cd Wave > Flac
Taped by Aaron Parker
Transferred by Aaron Parker



60 meg o' FLAC

Deutsch-Vergnügen was a short lived joke / improv / exparamental band from Portland, Maine. This is probibly the
only live recording ever made of them. It consisted of:
Homeless Dan : Vocals
Nate Rainey : Rainstick, Ninja Coolness
James Livengood : Keys
Shae : 5 gallon bucket drums, vocals
Megan Brown : Bass


Reviewer: pnuccio27 - - January 17, 2010
Subject: What the hell, why not?
Pretty terrible, but pretty amusing as well. I have no idea what possessed me to click on this except the strange band name.

So you guys sucked, make me laugh, and I peed myself a little, and I'm thinking about starting a fan club called the Deutsch-Vernagenarians.

I seriously want to be in the band, even if it has been over 7 years. I will tie a chicken to a pole and tie fishing line around its ankle, and when the song demands, I will yank that fishing line and well, you know the sound.

By the way, I'd like billing as a percussionist extraordinaire virtuoso. This will go over well in Kajikistan and we'll be rich
Reviewer: Hi-Def - - June 7, 2006
Love us or hate us, we still live, and yes as NateRainey pointed out this was our first live performance. And also Megan and Shay where promoted to "band status" I think at the show, I can't remember. Oh well. For those of you that dislike us, and for those of you that like us, there is more.

Much to the dismay of many Deutsch-Vergnugen still lives in one form or another, and if we do a live performance again(We've done two) you're welcome to join us in our quest for absolute sound.

Thank you

Oh you missed a song by the way. You can barely hear it in the audio recording, but it's about peeing in a bucket, and it is simply called "Nate Rainey". Oooo A hidden track...And you thought that's all there was? Nah, there's like an hour more of DV "music".

The question marks are as follows:
Lounge Singer
Killin' Bitchez(Kittens are Cute)
Ankle Sprain
Reviewer: ByTor: King of the Ice and Snow - - February 1, 2006
Subject: Ugh!
No wonder Dan is homeless.....
Reviewer: NateRaineyIsDrunk - - September 5, 2005
Subject: DV rules
The thing about Deutsch Vergnugen is that they are an ever-evolving sound experiment. They put out a really great CD-R about a year ago and have a techno album on the way, followed by a more traditional guitar-and-vocals project.
This show was their first performance, and most of the members of the band were recruited on the spot. You would have had to be there to really understand what was going on. It was amazing, even if it doesn't sound like much recorded.

Don't write these guys off.
Reviewer: noyz - - March 16, 2005
Subject: - THIS ISNT MUSIC -
Each tune is a minute or less, they cant hold a descent beat, and its just a bunch of screaming for lyrics. What IS funny tho is that they actually get some applause. I'd give less stars if i could.

Get these guys off here. Please.
Reviewer: jasper3d - - February 23, 2005
Subject: this is nuts
absolute insanity..sounds like someone is being murdered...whole show is about ten minutes or so, so it will fit nicely as the "what the hell is this" looks you'll get from your friends makes this a must have!!!
Reviewer: Grafzahl - - February 15, 2005
Subject: sick
definitely sick
by Deutsch-Vergnügen
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Source: Sure sm58s(?) or simmilar in the balcony > Sony Mz-R700
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